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Stories by Marc Fest

I write simple essays like the ones below about my experiences living in the boonies of the Everglades near Key Largo in South Florida. All of them are true stories.

Marc is a communications coach who specializes in helping his clients attract more interest to their projects by changing how they talk about what they do.

The Happy Tree
There is a particular tree in front of the south side of our Everglades home that David and I call “the Happy Tree.”

Baby Hawk
Whatever you want to call it, it began sometime around October, almost two and a half years ago. It was just before the beginning of the pandemic.

Selling tegus has become a “pain in the ass,” my friend Bradley tells me the other day. He’s come by to have me teach him–again–how to fly his DJI 4 Phantom drone.

When David cuts my hair
When David cuts my hair, he asks me to bring out the orange extension cord to plug in the electric clippers.

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